Our trip to the Arctic and our Kickstarter page

It is finally time to tell you all about our journey to Alaska and the Arctic!

I have to start where it all began… a few months ago at a wildlife tracking class with the amazing Sue Morse. We listened to Sue’s stories about her traveling to northern Quebec to photograph the Ungava caribou herds, and became completely mesmerized. We were hooked; all we could think about was caribou eating lichen, seeing their tracks, and seeing the caribou themselves. After a few days the reality of all it would take to actually plan this trip set in. If we really want to see caribou, how the hell are we going to make this happen? Where would we go? How much money would we need? How would we get the money? Would we need a guide?  There were so many questions to answer and beginning the process was so overwhelming.

So we did some research and came up with some answers…

Where: We decided to go to Alaska. On the journey up there of course we are going to explore the areas we pass through, but we will spend the majority of time in central AK and the Arctic

Who: Me and Michelle, our accomplice Jamie, and our guide Sandy

What: To observe boreal and arctic wildlife and ecology. See the animals, their tracks, and their sign. Take as many photos, as many measurements, as many notes, and as much video footage as possible. Also, we have been talking to some biologists, grad students, and fish and wildlife folks up in AK and hopefully will be able to arrange some meetings to pick their brains for information.

Why: We want to create a booklet of our observations and photographs and put it on the shelf of the Alderleaf library. We would also like to give a copy of this booklet to some of our financial supporters. Michelle will also be writing an articles for the Alderleaf website on arctic wildlife and our trip. And my main focus? Caribou. I want to talk to biologists who have been involved with caribou research in the Arctic since before the pipeline was put in, and learn from them how caribou habits have changed since the oil and gas exploration began up there. 

When: this summer, 2012

How: Raising money with our KICKSTARTER PAGE. Kickstarter is a website that allows certain folks to create a page where they explain their project. The page also has a way for people to donate money for the project through paypal. And as a perk for those who donate, each level (amount) of donation correlates to a different prize– so those who donate receive something special! Our page will be up and running within this next week, and we will definitely post when it is up. 

I’m super excited for all of this!!!!


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One Response to Our trip to the Arctic and our Kickstarter page

  1. Mike Taras says:

    You all haven’t asked me any questions?
    ADF&G in Fairbanks has several biologists that work on Interior and Arctic caribou herds.They would be a good resource for many of your questions.
    Bring lots of bug dope and mosquito netting if you are going out on the tundra in the summer 🙂
    If you guys were here right now I could bring you into the 40-mile herd which is lingering in the hills only about an hour or so out of town.

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