…and the sewing begins!

I have begun sewing my boots from the moose hide, which I am so excited about. In the past few days I have broken over a dozen needles, have accidentally stuck a needle straight through my entire finger, and have only managed to get sewn what you see below–three things which I am not so excited about. However, my days of trial and error may have paid off  because today I think I finally managed to get down a system that will preserve my fingers and my needles. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress!


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One Response to …and the sewing begins!

  1. Connie Harris says:

    Three cheers for you progress.
    I used my first moose hide for drums.
    The spiritual honoring of its life by drumming is beautiful.
    The remaining pieces are being turned into rattles. I use an awl and to mirror the first hole mark onto the second piece with a nail through a small wood branch handle. This helps to keep my fingers out of the needle may it be helpful for you.
    I will have to try tanning the next one.

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