Dock Seed Crackers!

Yellow Dock is an amazing plant that I love dearly. Every year in the early fall I harvest and dry the seeds (best time is when the plant turns a dark rust color) and store them. Why? To make flour with!  Dock seed flour (combined with wheat flour, or other flour with a little gluten/binding agent) makes amazing bread, crackers, and dough for anything. Usually I make bread, but tonight I experimented and made some crackers–which turned out amazing.

Here is how I did it: I used 1 cup of dock seed flour per 1 cup of wheat flour. Then I added a tablespoon of oil, and a couple pinches of salt. I also seasoned it with some chile powder and garlic powder, but of course you can get creative and use any seasoning you want. I added just enough water so the dough never got sticky or slimy and then I rolled it out pretty thin.  Finally, I cut it into cracker size pieces, stuck it on a well oiled pan, and baked it at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.

2 batches of dock seed crackers

It tastes great with some nettle pesto!



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One Response to Dock Seed Crackers!

  1. Robert beasley says:

    looks tasty

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