Life in the yurt

The mice have made an appearance.  They have started to nibble on my bread.  Yet I still can’t find any other sign of them being inside.  Outside they have discovered the toilet paper.  The outhouse was full of tiny shreds of paper.  I picture them in their nest which is constructed of cedar and two ply.

Last night as I was lying on my bed being warmed by the fire I heard thunder.  Thunder?  We hardly hear it here in the PNW.  When it happened again I realized it was snow crashing down the mountain, an avalanche.  They were still going off this morning.

My rain catchment system is up and running.  I simply angled a trap over my wood pile and directed the rain into a garbage pail.  Where I can easily collect water for dishes and bathing, yeah!!!

I’ve seem to have made friends with a pacific wren.  He sits on the cedar stump near my door and sings to me when I step outside.

I feel so grateful to have these moments at the yurt…Michelle

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3 Responses to Life in the yurt

  1. Matthew Davidson says:

    No way 21 years ago would I have thought you would be where you are now.Congrats on the simple happiness…Many of your friends envy you…

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