Bone Fish Hooks: part 1

Hi all! There are a number of different fish hooks that could be made out of bone, and in this “part 1” I will display one possible, and very easily made, type of fish hook. What makes it so easy to make is the fact that there is no actual J-shaped hook to file out.

As you can see, is it one straight piece of bone that has been filed to points at both ends, and narrowed in the middle. The narrow point in the middle is where you would tie your fishing line, and is there so the fishing line does not slide off. How this hooks onto the fish is simple: bait would be put onto it; the fish would swallow the bait; the shape of this hook would get jammed in the fish’s mouth and not be able to come back out. It is quite effective! Below are the files I use to create these hooks, a flat one and a round one.

It is important to remember that different fish have different sized mouths. I placed my hand next to the fish hooks above so you can get a sense of how big they are. The biggest one would be a good size for most salmon. The smaller one is a good size for a big trout. If you were just fishing for normal size or smaller trout, I would make it even smaller. It also couldn’t hurt to make it a little more thin.

Once a make a nice batch of these, I will move on to a different type of hook and post them in a part 2 to this post.


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