New York: part 1

So here I am, in New York state, the place where I spent the majority of my life. But, out of all the places I’ve lived, this is the place whose plant life is most foreign to me!

Since my arrival, I’m trying to explore the woods and get to know the trees here a little better. Here is what I have discovered so far:


Birds: So far I have been seeing so many egrets! They’re everywhere along the river that I live by, with they’re breeding plums and all. I have also been seeing orioles, black throated green warblers, blue grey gnatcatchers, red eyed vireos, sparrows, hawks, and more.

Trees: Ash trees, black walnut trees, sweetgum trees, tulip poplar trees, sycamore trees, Red maples, silver maples, sugar maples, hickory trees, basswood trees, black locust trees, and of course there are a ton more that I see but don’t know yet! see some pictures below:

Here are some other interesting things I found in the woods…

a black eastern grey squirrel, and carrion beetles…

    … a black rat snake……and a toad…

…there will be more to come!!


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