We Met Our Fundraising Goal!

The Kickstarter Fundraiser to raise money for our trip to the arctic and the production of our booklet ended yesterday. We raised $3,296. Thank you so much to all of the people who donated, we could not have done it without you.

A super special thank you goes out to:

Maryann, Evelyn Iocolano, Stefani Linda Weaver, Carmelo Gagliano, Jessica Ennis, Dave Blattenberger, Jessica Peziol-Thorn, Diane Peziol, Dillon Redmond, Jared Moderie, Laurie Adorno, Christina Miller, Patty and Ray, Sheila Adorno, Steve Reynolds, Cindy Puja, Eric Grey, Eve Neulander, Charles Perakis, John Suwala, Corey MacDonald, Noel, Jamie Weaver, Jean, DL Vita, Neva J. Hundley,  Heather Swift, Rob Shoemaker, Nancy Davidson, Matt Sullivan, Christine Lee, David Richardson, Shaun Mellor, Katrina, Nancy DiPientrantonio, Bonnie O’Hara, Mike Taras, Dawn Skrzynski, Francesca Lamanna, and Mikhail Ushanov. 

…those were our supporters! 

We leave for the Alaska and the Arctic on June 24th, and will be returning to Washington at the end of July. We will be updating you all along the way!


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