So here we are, Me, Michelle, Jamie, and Sandy, in Alaska! We came up through the Yukon into AK, and made some awesome stops, one of my favorites being Denali national park. Since the photos from our phones were the easiest to load, those are what you see below…but we have hundreds and hundreds more of even more exciting things on our real cameras, things that you all will see once we finally return and sort through our pics.

Here are some of my favorite parts of the trip so far:   Wolf tracks and scat, lynx tracks and scat, arctic ground squirrels, lemmings, Mt. Denali, caribou, grizzly bears, mistakenly making rubber casts instead of plaster ones, watching grizzly bear cubs wrestle each other, getting to know plants of the borreal forest and alpine areas, harvesting arnica and valerian, walking through bogs… just kidding, seeing a herd of bison and their babies, omg baby moose, seeing the biggest porcupine poop i’ve ever seen, jamie getting attacked by an arctic tern, seeing a muskrat take town cattail grass, watching beavers swim, and making birch bark baskets…


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One Response to Alaska

  1. Michelle Shannon says:

    Amazing! Cannot wait to see more pictures!

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