Alaska pt. 2

So since the last post, we traveled from fairbanks into the arctic circle, through the brooks range, to the arctic ocean, and back. The pictures below are some highlights from this leg of our journey. Some personal favorites were seeing musk ox run (they are funny things to see run), watching arctic terns attack michelle, putting my feet in the arctic ocean, hiking through the brooks range, seeing the wolverine trail lope its way up the river, scaring a short eared owl out of the tussock sedges, trying to cross the Sag river (which Jamie and I really tried hard to do, but after walking in to our waists, decided the current was just too strong and the river was getting too deep), finding the perfect grizzly bear trail who was walking like a raccoon, seeing the biggest owl pellets that i have ever seen, watching a group of female dalls sheep walk across the top of the ridge (with 3 babies in tow), and seeing tons of caribou mamas with their babies.

enjoy the pics, there will be more to come…


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